History of MediaPark

Development of the MediaPark

City council resolution to extend the profile of Cologne as a media town including the development of a media industry location on the site of the former freight depot Gereon

Purchase of the land of the abandoned freight station Gereon by the city of Cologne

International urban architecture ideas competition
Winner: Prof. Dr. Eberhard Zeidler, Toronto

MediaPark construction project start: city council order to realize Zeidler’s concept

Foundation of the MediaPark Köln Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH (MPK)

Start of construction of the above and underground infrastructure: central place, lake, pedestrian bridge and shoreline; tunnel comprising underground ring road and central underground parking
Architect: Working group Zeidler, Baugruppe Cologne; landscape architect: Jürgen Schubert, Cologne

Competitions for the realization of the individual parcels of land

Opening of the Cinedom [Im MediaPark 1]
Architect: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Zeidler, Baugruppe Cologne

Commissioning of the GEW-transformer station [Im MediaPark 16]
Architects: von Einsiedel, Cologne, Kraemer, Sieverts & Partner, Cologne

Completion of the building [Im MediaPark 11-15]
Architect: Kraemer, Sieverts & Partner, Cologne

Completion of Im MediaPark 5
Architect: Volf, Saarbrücken

Completion of the KOMED-building [Im MediaPark 7]
Architect: Kister Scheithauer Gross, Cologne

Completion of [Im MediaPark 10]
Architect: Steidle & Schmitz, Cologne

Completion of [Im MediaPark 6]
Architect: Mronz, Cologne

Completion of [Maybachstraße 109/109a]
Architect: Böttger, Cologne

Completion of the Musictower [Im MediaPark 2]
Architect: Oxen + Römer & Partner, Hürth

Opening of the Jolly Hotel MediaPark (today nh-Hotel) [Im MediaPark 8b]
Architects: Working group Nouvel, Kohl & Kohl, Heckmann

Completion of Im MediaPark 8a
Architect: Kostulski, Cologne

Completion of the KölnTurm [Im MediaPark 8]
Architects: Working group Nouvel, Kohl & Kohl, Heckmann

Opening of the MediaPark Clinik [Im MediaPark 3]
Architect: Oxen + Römer & Partner, Hürth

Start of construction of the Forum [Im MediaPark 4]
Architect: Hertzberger, Amsterdam

Completion of the last MediaPark building (Forum); constructional completion of the MediaPark

MediaPark – at a glance

 Plot area: 20 ha

Gross floor area: approx. 174.000 sqm

Companies: 250

Employees: approx. 5.000

Parking spaces: 2.500

Flats: 200

Visitors: 4.5 milltion per year

Total investment costs: 700 Mio. Euro