Download the app, ride your bike and be rewarded!


Riding the bike to work is a different way to start the day than by car, bus or train. Movement, fresh air, beautiful views, energy for the day and many other advantages. The bicycle is the most environmentally friendly and healthy means of transport. And now there is even the possibility to profit not only physically and mentally, but also financially. Because with the free Radbonus app all cyclists can now earn great offers and premiums by cycling kilometers.

The Cologne Startup Radbonus from the Cologne MediaPark, which recently celebrated its first birthday, can already look back on a large number of users. The tracking app already has more than 10,000 users, and more and more people are excited week after week. For 50 kilometers or more, the first bonuses and discounts of various e-shops are already waving. Challenges are also regularly held where users can participate in raffles. Provided that they have traveled a certain distance in a fixed period of action.

“I want to build something that changes the world!” (Nora Grazzini)

Founder of Radbonus is Nora Grazzini. Nora is a passionate cyclist and has made her hobby a career with the founding of Radbonus. For them, cyclists are the heroes of everyday life. Cycling is active climate protection, good for health and stresses cities much less than car travel. Radbonus is committed to the recognition and reward of this contribution to one’s own health and well-being. In addition, cycling is also fun. Who would want to leave the bike and leave it to rust?

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